Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend fun

This weekend, my nephew came over.
He is almost exactly three months younger than my son. They're best friends.
I'm worried about when these two become teenagers. Surely, they will cause tons of trouble. Right now, they bond over having younger sisters. Oh how they despise younger sisters!
Speaking of sisters, doesn't little sister remind you of a little actress in ET? (with her 70s style coat and pigtails.)
This weekend was all about chillin with the homies. My nephew was over, but also the neighbors came over, too. Here they are playing basketball in the driveway:
At one point, we had 9 kids roaming the house. And it was a mess at the end of the day! How does one have the neighborhood peeps over AND keep the house clean?
My new rule was going to be 'play outside only,' but there is a snow front coming in. And my husband said, "what if it is 20 below?" I mean, this is Minnesota after all.

Oh, look at Jake. Silly dog put on one of my knitted hats!

Off to do more knitting... I am working on lots of goods for a Spring Boutique (a portion of my profit goes to these charities: and and the HandmadeMN show in the Spring. I'll be giving you sneak peeks in the following weeks ;)

AND!!!don't forget to leave a comment on my giveaway post to enter to win one of my very first clutches I patterned. To make it easy, here's the link:
I'll announce the winner this Wed, the 22nd.

peace xxoo,

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  1. LOVE the puppy hat -- and teh look he is giving you! Yes, of course you can follow - nothing is really going to change, I will just have more of a handle on who reads my blog...

    You will need to give me your email address so I can 'invite' you to read my blog when I go private.