Wednesday, September 26, 2012

philosophy 101 by Gilda

Hello friends.

I think of you often.

I've been so busy that I've had to pencil in bathroom breaks.

Time with family and friends is precious.


It was September 11th recently and every year it reminds me of how I need to make every moment of my life mean something. How I am lucky to be alive. And so I always think back...okay it's been 10 years, how have I made it worthwhile?

A long while ago, after my dear Aunt Fran died, I had a dream she came back. She said, "shhhh, I still have some more to learn before I go back." Maybe it was a silly dream, but a piece of me thinks it makes sense.

I don't think she meant going back to college, but more than that. What people do and why, how things work and why, the beauty of things, the magic of things, the mysteries. Imagine....the many, many things you will never know in a life time. But even more so, the things you WILL!

Ah, here I go with a few minutes of spare time to jot a few lines in the good ol blog and I'm getting all philosophical. Perhaps it's the college girl in me. HA.

Anyway, school is obviously amazing. Challenging, yes, but I still shiver with excitement!

My full time job is excellent, too. The people there ... well, they are brilliant folk. Brilliant in the way of books. People skills not so much. But you know me, I thrive on my people interactions (reason I got a job (basically)). So, I must let you in on a secret ...... I am leading a flash mob of ThRILLER in just a couple of weeks. I've been practicing with a group at work. It's daring even for me. But for them - well, they make me proud for their efforts!!! And today after I gave a presentation to 75 people, one of them said, "You bring a spark to this place." Which made my heart swell 50 times larger.

How I find time to knit, I do not know. But I finished a dog sweater custom order with Bears logo and a baby hat. If you want a free pattern, let me know, I can email you one.


Oh. and sad news: I learned yesterday that "that's da bomb" is now considered OLD!! So much for me saying that's da bomb diggity bomb! NOT! (remember when you used to say NOT after everything?)

One more tidbit: my son still wants chickens. And I still want to be a farmer. So,this past weekend we took a family trip to our friends' chicken farm for the day. It was da bomb diggity bomb. :)

Want to learn a little bit about our farmer friends? Here's a link to their story:

That's all for now.


Saturday, September 1, 2012

whirlwind ~ wooosh ~ happiness

Ahh, a moment to sit and contemplate.....

It's been a whirlwind week. I've started school. Talking 'bout night school, 'night school...yeah, and it rocks. When class ends, I don't want to leave. Even if it IS past my bed time. When I drive home, I feel empowered and vibrant. I'm doing something I really, really, really have wanted to do a long time. I feel proud of myself and that is a very awesome feeling.

(view of downtown st. paul from my school)

Things have been changing around here and so quickly, too. I went from being the stay at home mom to a working full time mom going to school at night. My son is going to junior high. And my husband became a Hells Angel. (ha! Kidding. But he is now a motorcycle rockstar. uhhuh). My daughter is as sassy as ever, so no change there :)


I've been knitting on my lunch breaks and in the evenings. Right now, I am working on a custom puppy sweater for a Chicago Bears fan. That's right, I make time for the knitting. I wasn't able to whip up a bunch of baby sweaters for fall craft shows, so that's a bummer, but maybe I'll have some done in time for Christmas.

(my nieces with my daughter (middle)

And because there's so little time, I've decided I want to spend time with people who make me happy. Simple as that. So those that are near and dear are the ones whom I want to spend time with.

(me n my hells angel, my bro and his girl with their new house, my dad with the kids, the kids after a swim trying to get into the house all wet.)

And like I said in my last post, we went to our friends' wedding. It was a great day. It brings tears to my eyes how great it was. I was the official photograher, which was very, very hard. I could never, ever do that for realz. I'm just not bossy enough. I had a hard time directing people. So, now I know that. But I still got some great shots and I made them a special gift with the photos.




Here's to spending time doing what you want with the people you want to be with,