Friday, August 17, 2012

photo practice and lactose intolerance

My friends get married tomorrow. I was going to sign my toast, but my husband said not to, because no one else knows sign language. And I get it, so I won't. But I'm also their photographer; this is my gift to them. I am so excited and nervous at the same time. I had to make sure the battery was full and the settings weren't off or anything, so I took a few photos in the yard:
Recently, I've discovered that my daughter is lactose intolerant. This kid eats nothing but cheese, so it's been real tough. I've been trying to find cheese alternatives. Soy is disgusting. It really is. So, I went to the fancy grocery store in town, went right up to the cheese counter, and said, "I heard you might have lactose free cheese." She said, "Oh yeah, goat cheese doesn't have lactose." So, I spent 8.00 on a block of colby jack goat cheese and right when we got home, we gobbled most of it up. Then, that night, my daughter was up at about 1am to 4am with stomach pains. Lessons learned: 1. Goat cheese is not lactose free. 2. Do not trust the cheese lady at the fancy grocery store (she knows nothin', I tell ya).
Anyway, back to life and making those baby sweaters for the fall.....