Monday, January 2, 2012

Well, hello 2012.

I rang in the new year by banging pots and pans. We did this as a kid, but it seems I might be the only one outside of my family who knows what it is. Well, it's noisemakers for the cool. What you do is, go in your pots and pans cabinet, get out the noisiest pot with the noisiest lid and grab a metal kitchen utensil for extra noisiness. Then, bang your happy heart out. It's so loud, it will drown out the nighbor's fireworks, and your dog's howls. You'll be the best noisemaker in town. So, keep that in mind for next year.

Wow, I can't believe it is 2012. I feel so futuristic. When I was in 8th grade, I saw a commercial by At&t showing people talking on their phones on the beach and I thought, that would never, ever happen. But it did! This IS the future! Okay, I know, that was kind of a weird anecdote, but whatevs.

Guess what! I made another single chevron mitt.


But, of course, I am on some mission to perfect this chevron mitt endeavor, so I thought perhaps it was the thumb that was driving me crazy and so I attempted what I've never done before: the after thought thumb. And I love the outcome. So much so, I made a second one AND I am keeping the pair for myself.


A friend of mine gave me a gift certificate for a yarn store and it was burning a hole in my pocket, so I hurried and went...and got ohhhh a nice, soft, 100% wool yet machine washable yarn by Rowan (Pure Wool DK).


I loved it so much, I decided to go online and buy more (I took all they had at the yarn store). And it is impossible to find. It's a yarn from 2007 I found out, but only two places I could find online carry it. One has really dark colors and the other has the vibrant colors I like AND it's only 5.60 a skein (normally 7.50 a skein) AND it's in clearance so this is probably it and then it will be discontinued (I'm guessing). So, please talk me into buying it. Please, please. (or, hey, I'll probably just talk myself into it ;))

Anyway, 2011 was not a bad year. And I'm hoping 2012 isn't either. But who doesn't have a little work to do to better themselves? So, without further ado, here are my resolutions:

1. be more thankful;
2. be more kind; a friendly act a day!
3. be more sympathetic; volunteer!
4. be more money conscious; go to shopping addicts annon.?
5. get serious about my etsy shop.
6. offer free, or cheap, unique patterns here on my blog
7. learn photoshop elements
8. write more letters
9. figure out how to do this blog thing
10.get a job that I like

And with #5 in mind, I'm already going in the right direction. I had tags made. woot.



  1. Ooh I want that yarn. And tags. Tell me where you ordered them through!

  2. Cute! Chevron is popular, eh? :)