Monday, January 30, 2012

Birthday recap (and a public service announcement)

Welcome to my house. The party started at noon.


At every party I host, I always have a schedule. My niece (she's 16), who was here helping with the princess party, snickered at my schedule. But alas, people, schedules rock.

12-12:30PM When the princesses arrived, they could color, bead, or make flowers (or all three)


At 12:30, we ate pizza.

Then, we played games. (1:00PM)

We played pin the princess in the castle.
And then freeze dance.


At 1:30, we had cake!


I made the cake, can you tell?


I was going to buy a princess castle cake, but she insisted I make a "homemade" cake. And, really, can't get much more homemade than this:


I hope she made a good wish!


At 1:30PM, we opened presents.
I am not going to bore you with pictures of that. (although she did get some totally tripindicular gifts!)
BUT! If you'd like to see a few outfits a friend made for her American Doll, go here and here.
She also made shoes, which I told her I'd photograph and here they are:
Um, awesome, right?

And, last but not least, the party gifts!

I made everyone a tutu. 8 girls rsvp'd. I made 9 - one for everyone, including my daughter. Guess what!!!!! Someone showed up without rsvping. Yep. Biggest pet peeve, ever. THIS IS A PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: RSVP = RESERVE YOUR SPOT, PLEASE!!!!! So, I had to give my daughter's tutu to the unannounced guest. Which also means I didn't get any awesome photos of the tutu in action.

2:00PM, guests leave.

Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet girly girl.

The next day, Sunday, we went to the Lion King at the Orpheum. Woweyzowey!!! I had tears in my eyes, it was so good.

Here is Nala:


Okay, back to knitting. I have 3 things I am working on. :D

xxoo, Gilda


  1. OMG....What a lucky little lady and her princess friends too.

    Don't be too pv'd about surprise least you had an extra tutu and the little ones didn't know the difference.

    Lion King...WOW....and at the Orpheum! A great weekend had by all...

  2. Schedules totally rock. And are necessary with nine girls in the house! Your party rocked! Your cake rocked - I think it is awesome! Clara told me all about the castle cake.

    Lion King = totally jealous!

    Do those shoes actually fit the doll??

    1. Hi, my name is Kristy and I need more adjectives in my life. I totally ROCK! lol

  3. Rock & rocked are the most superior descriptive words in my rockin world. hehehehe. Shoes do fit.

  4. That is soooo great! I can't believe Z didn't wear a princess outfit. I LOVE your cake =)

  5. K didn't dress up either- it didn't even occur to me. DOH. I think she was fine about it. I RSVP'd right? At Kristy's house? I sure hope so. Love the new blog!

  6. I am SO IMPRESSED!! Your party is great!!