Monday, January 9, 2012

slacker ponderings and continuing design...

Yesterday, I went grocery shopping and it was an eye opening experience. I don't know why. Maybe I've I've never noticed it before. But it was as though everyone were zombies. And I had to think for a minute, do I have my zombie apocalypse kit ready at home (which by the way I do NOT!)?

I don't like shopping on Sundays. I prefer mid morning, mid week. With the old folkies. But Sundays are easier, because it's about to be a new week. We're all thinking of the new week. That's all we're thinking about, apparently.

I couldn't believe it, but I was standing in the freeze dried fruit aisle, pondering my choices. When all of a sudden a lady comes and stands directly in front of me. She was so close I could smell her hair. And I could see nothing, she was directly - and I mean very much so - in front of me. So, I said, "um, excuse me, did you not see me here?" I mean, I was curious. Wouldn't you be? She turned and said, "what?" I said, "you just stood in front of me like you didn't see me here. Like this. In front of what I was looking at. How could you miss me?" And she, in a daze, said, "oh, I am sorry." So, then I concluded, that despite her blatant rudeness, she wasn't meaning to be rude. She was just being completely absorbed in her own world. And I thought, 'how sad.' But then I thought, 'well, thank goodness she isn't a zombie.' But I guess, in a way she was.

Anyhow, I haven't followed through with my resolution to do more random kindness acts. Oh, I am such a horrible New Years Resolution Keeper, aren't I?

I've been thinking about if I won the lottery. And yet, I never buy lottery tickets. I do feel like quite the slacker as of late.

But! Alas, knitting.


I never was a mathmatician. Never will be. But it's simple math, really.

(continuing from this post)

Let's see, if you cast on 190 stitches (which should turn out to be 36 inches, not including a little stretch), and you want to decrease the skirt over all up to the waist of 22 inches (which would be 5 (sts per in) x 22 = 110 stitches), well then we need to figure out how to decrease and when. Right?

We will be decreasing 80 stitches (190-110 = 80) over 16 inches. If we have 6 rows per inch, then 16 inches = 96 rows. I thought it would be easiest to decrease 10 stitches, 8 times over all. 96 divided by 8 = 12, so we will decrease at every 12th row. Or, approximately every 2 inches.

I placed markers like this: at beginning of round, after 32 stitches, after 31 stitches, after 32 stitches, and after 31 stitches. Decreasing will be as follows:

K2tog, knit 28, k2tog, sm, k2tog, knit 27, k2tog, sm, k2tog, knit 28, k2tog, sm, k2tog, knit 27, k2tog, sm, k2tog, knit 28, k2tog.

At each decrease round, you will need to make sure that you decrease the numbers in between the stitches by 2. So, for the next round, the 28s will be 26s and the 27s will be 25s and so forth.

Is this too crazily confusing?

Well, to make matters even more confusing, I decided to knit a lace stitch for the bottom of the skirt. To add a little flair. But you don't need to. And I didn't need to. But what I find is that I like a pattern that I have to pay attention to the detail. For some reason, it makes it go faster. ;) And you know I like fast. (if you'd also like that lace stitch pattern, let me know and I'll email ya...)


I've been at the knitting again nonstop. wooohooooooo.......

034 035

xxoo, have a good day, y'all and restock your emergency zombie kits....


  1. If a zombie attacks, just throw a cowl on him and run for it. ha.

  2. Love your projects! Knitting is the only place that math makes sense to me haha. :)

  3. Thanks. Me, too! Math sucks, except for in knitting situations. And then it is just brilliant!