Thursday, December 29, 2011

I lurve chevron

Now that we have the Christmukkah tree put away, our house feels so much more feng shui. And now that I added a few more stars to my collection, well, life is good. Good enough to knit and knit. And so, here is where I sit and knit:
I've been working on some fingerless chevron mitts. I love chevron, don't you?
But now that I've knit just ONE mitt, I'm thinking it's a toughie for knitting.
Chevron is more of a crochet thing, no? Or am I just being a slacker? But, but, look at all of these strands of yarn:
That looks like alllottta work, right? Oh no. It's true, I'm a knitting simpleton. I like quick, but pleasurable and soft on my hands kind of knits. And I'm cool with that, yo.
So, I am abandoning this project. I only have one mitt, but the little one likes it, so I'll give it to her.
Who knows, maybe I'll go back to it tomorrow, but probably not.
xxoo, G

Edited to add: I am link up to a yarn along. Want to join? Here's the link:


  1. When I do chevrons I usually use increases and decreases to make the actual fabric into v's. I know it doesn't sound like it, but it's actually much, much easier!

  2. Those are gorgeous! I'm new to knitting and have been dying to try my hand at some mittens, socks or fingerless gloves. And all those colours, wow! Do you find it difficult to keep them all from tangling as you work?

  3. I love those colours and those chevrons. I did take one look and say, "Wow, that's a lot of colour work" so my hat is off to you. Maybe after a break you will want to go back to it. You left a question on my blog about the book Cutting for Stone. It IS a sad book (but also funny and touching), which I didn't know when I started it. It is excellent, but I cried a lot through it (I'm a crier however). That's doesn't sound like much of a review, I know, but I did really like the book.

  4. I think the mitt looks great, you should knit the other one and have a set! The colors are lovely together :)

  5. Thanks everyone! Yes, the strands get very tangled. And at the end, there is a lot of weaving. But I do lurve the chevron. Perhaps I'll try the chevron decreasing/increasing way?