Thursday, December 15, 2011

3. as in third post.

Today, I went to lunch at the mall with my main squeeze and I thought, 'hmm, those twinkly lights sure are perty,' so I made him pose for a photo and then take a photo of me as well. Isn't he sweet to oblige?


When I got home, I was busy working on my gifts for my knitting peeps. Every year, we exchange homemade gifts. Usually, it isn't even something knitted, which I think is quite silly. This year, I am making crocheted AND knitted things. But...I also have a bit of ribbon in there, too. I can't show you a photo of the gifts just yet (my peeps might be peeking), but I can certainly show you a picture of the ribbon. (hehehehe)

Ribbon Heart:

P.s. a hint: my very first post shows a photo of part of my gift for the homemade exchange. (All this secrecy is driving me crazy!)

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