Saturday, September 1, 2012

whirlwind ~ wooosh ~ happiness

Ahh, a moment to sit and contemplate.....

It's been a whirlwind week. I've started school. Talking 'bout night school, 'night school...yeah, and it rocks. When class ends, I don't want to leave. Even if it IS past my bed time. When I drive home, I feel empowered and vibrant. I'm doing something I really, really, really have wanted to do a long time. I feel proud of myself and that is a very awesome feeling.

(view of downtown st. paul from my school)

Things have been changing around here and so quickly, too. I went from being the stay at home mom to a working full time mom going to school at night. My son is going to junior high. And my husband became a Hells Angel. (ha! Kidding. But he is now a motorcycle rockstar. uhhuh). My daughter is as sassy as ever, so no change there :)


I've been knitting on my lunch breaks and in the evenings. Right now, I am working on a custom puppy sweater for a Chicago Bears fan. That's right, I make time for the knitting. I wasn't able to whip up a bunch of baby sweaters for fall craft shows, so that's a bummer, but maybe I'll have some done in time for Christmas.

(my nieces with my daughter (middle)

And because there's so little time, I've decided I want to spend time with people who make me happy. Simple as that. So those that are near and dear are the ones whom I want to spend time with.

(me n my hells angel, my bro and his girl with their new house, my dad with the kids, the kids after a swim trying to get into the house all wet.)

And like I said in my last post, we went to our friends' wedding. It was a great day. It brings tears to my eyes how great it was. I was the official photograher, which was very, very hard. I could never, ever do that for realz. I'm just not bossy enough. I had a hard time directing people. So, now I know that. But I still got some great shots and I made them a special gift with the photos.




Here's to spending time doing what you want with the people you want to be with,


  1. G- I am so proud of you! Really, you inspire me! I am busy doing some planning of my own....

  2. Thanks Edhead!!!! You inspire ME to be a better mother.