Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Life is crazy at the moment

I've been working at my newest job for almost two months. I must like it, because my record is to leave after one month. It's a great job with great people, but it is a mighty change going from stay-at-home mom to working-full-time-mom. I get two hours at the end of the day to spend with my family, but that includes making & eating dinner, preparing lunches, and bath time. Sometimes, I slip in a load of laundry. I can't seem to find time for my beloved Real Housewives series on Bravo. Usually, I have to catch the marathons on the weekends. However, I always, always have time for TRUE BLOOD on Sunday nights. Mondays are always manic anyways, why not add a bit of tiredness.


One day, while I was at work, the mirror in the bathroom fell down. Then, a couple of days later, the picture in the dining room fell down and broke. Jake pooped upstairs two times, and my plants are droopy. This is what happens when you change your life suddenly.


And to make matters just a tad bit more complicated, I go back to school in 28 days. Two nights a week.


But I'm excited about life right now. I love my kids, my husband, my family, my house, my garden, my job, my friends, and my skills (specifically knitting). I'll be spreading myself thin adding another thing, but it's something I've always wanted and if I don't pursue it, I'll feel like I've gipped myself. I've had so many dreams and I've actually followed through with none of them. Like how I was going to join the Peace Corps. How I was going to travel the world. Become a famous photographer. Have a sheep farm. I still have time, but this I can do now; I want to do it now. And so I will.


I'm going back to school to become an interpreter. I have a background in Deaf Studies and sign language and after a student internship at a Deaf school, it was kind of put on the back burner. Since then, I've participated in language groups and studied my books, but never fully got back into it. The weird, weird thing is ... I signed up for the program and the next day I met my awesome friend, J Stilx, who is Deaf. At the nature store, where we both worked, I was able to interpret for him. It made me so happy. His friendship has made me so happy! I feel so exhilarated when I am with him. And for that, it made me realize that I was on the right path.


Anyway, I thought it only fair to let y'all know what's up in my world at the moment. Of course, knitting is not at the forefront, but knitting is still a big, big part of my life. I realized the other day that knitting soothes my soul; calms me down; gives me time to think. So, I think I will always need knitting in my life. And even though I only get a few rows done at a time, I knit practically everyday. I'm trying to come up with a trademark pattern at the moment, so I knit and then rip, knit and rip, knit and rip. Therefore, no pictures to share. Sorry.


But hey - the other day I was knitting during my lunch break and my coworker said, "you're knitting? With orange yarn?"
"UMMM, YAH!!!" Seriously, some people do NOT know cool, do they?


Anyway, no pictures of knit stuff, but I hope you've enjoyed the other pictures. See the chicks? Yes, to add to the crazy of my life, my dear son has decided to build a coop and adopt chickens. Not yet! We were just checking out someone else's. But that gave him the idea. wink wink. He'll build his coop this fall and order the chicks next spring. I know, crazy. But honestly, if he follows through, I'll be a proud mama. He's going to Junior High, ya know. He's like my lil baby chick becoming a rooster, AWWWWWWWWW.

Peace out y'allz.


  1. Some fantastic stuff there!

  2. Oh my gosh, Gilda!! I'm so happy to hear you're doing this. I know you've wanted it for a long time. Sounds like the time is just right. One of my best friends is an interpreter, in case you need to pick her brain. I can't believe F is going to be in jr. high already! Naia wants chickens too, but our dog would eat them.